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Monday, August 20th, 2018

Elevator Manufacturers Make Your Home Better

Elevator Manufacturers Fuji can provide villa elevators. Villa elevators are not only vertical vehicles used by members of private villa families, but also part of the villa’s buildings. Generally speaking, the design and installation of the villa elevator is determined by the style of the villa building. The design of the villa is different. The design method of the villa elevator is different, and different types of villa elevators will bring us different enjoyment of life. So what should you pay attention to when installing a private villa elevator?

The price of a villa elevator depends on a variety of price elements such as brand, floor height, function, configuration, landing, decorating level, and freight. At present, the prices of villa elevators on the market are mixed and there is no exact standard to measure. But for the user, the safety of the elevator should be crucial. When selecting an elevator, you can ask questions about safety, such as the material of the elevator, maintenance, accident rate, and so on.

The loading capacity of the villa elevator is generally determined according to the size of the villa, the number of families and the purpose and grade of the villa. Generally speaking, villas are small in size, so the choice will be a small villa elevator. Because the elevator is too large, it will occupy too much effective space, making the villa will be forced. Larger villas will then choose large-capacity villa elevators. This is because too small elevators will degrade villas.

As part of the villa’s architecture, villa elevators are not only practical but also ornamental. Villa elevators are as varied in style as interior design. In fact, from the style point of view, whether it is classical, modern or European, American, as long as its design and villa decoration design as a whole against the background, then its unique temperament will be revealed. Here you need to specifically explain that the decoration style of the elevator is better to choose the elegant look, do not choose a rich and colorful, splendid style for a moment of stunning. Choose villa elevators from fujihd Escalator Supplier, begin a colorful life.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Passenger Lift Knowledge (that from Elevator Factory Fujihd)

Passenger Lift is designed to provide safe, smooth and reliable ground-to-ground transport of multi-storey buildings. Passenger Lift Knowledge (that from Elevator Factory Fujihd)

Passenger Lift, also known as freight elevators, are designed to hold 1000-6000 lbs. They are now available in a wide range of models, sizes and features. Commercial elevator models come in different colors, designs, speeds, finishes and other options to complement your business setup. Due to several different commercial elevator models, please choose carefully. In fact, there are professional elevator architects to help you choose the right model for your business.

As a passenger, in the normal operation of the elevator to be safe and civilized use of elevators, elevators in the event of a failure to improve self-protection awareness, to prevent danger. Elevator safe operation during normal operation:

Press the door up and down the correct call button, do not press the up / down the two call buttons, this will make the elevator to do useful work, waste of others and your time and effort. Waiting for the arrival of the elevator, if it is more than a parallel elevator group, may not pick you up in front of the elevator, any elevator lights and lights to reach the station to light you to its entrance and so on.

If the car is full, please wait for the next elevator. The elevator is closed, do not handle or other objects between the two doors. Fire or other emergency situations, evacuation through the stairway. Passengers may be locked in the elevator car in the event of a power failure in the elevator.

Enter the car safely and quickly and should not stop outside. Passengers standing in the doorway should first leave the car. Press the Floor button to select the floor to make sure you do not miss the floor. If the number of passengers in the car modest, you can move to the depths of the car, to facilitate other passengers. Children with children take good care of children.

As a professional escalator factory – fujihd offer high-quality passenger lift for you .From design to manufacture, from installation to maintenance, we endeavor to satisfy the clients’ individual requirements.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Has a Variety of Elevator Technology

The professional Elevator Manufacturer fujihd fully introduces the most advanced elevator control technology in the world to ensure the product technology to be with the industry-leading level. Our home elevator is very popular now, there are four categories home elevator in FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd..

Hydraulic Elevators: Hydraulic elevators are the most preferred form of home elevators, using hydraulic technology system and roped system. The hydraulic pump in the elevator is connected to the piston and pulley. A crane with several supports attach to the piston. Wire ropes are suitable for fastening shafts and slings. Use a L shaped sling as a platform for securely placing the driver’s cab.

The benefits of this elevator: a very smooth ride, without jerks; no noise because the oil has no friction between the motors; installed in any area.

However, space may be a major drawback because the system requires an independent space.

Pneumatic Elevator: This is the latest trend elevator in china. It comes with polycarbonate tubes and works through air pressure. A separate tube is placed inside the elevator’s cab. It is also known as a vacuum elevator and does not require any type of connection such as chains, cables, and pistons. Assemble the perfect components to form tubes for vacuum lifts, allowing air pressure to be maintained evenly over and above the wheelhouse. As the pressure above the cab drops, the cab hangs up. When the pressure is released slowly, the cab drops.

The benefits of this elevator: no separate rooms are needed; can be installed anywhere; can be installed in old buildings; easy to install; lower installation costs

Winding drum: It is designed using the old method. The cable wound round the drum. Connect the motor to it. The motor is usually mounted on the top of the crane. This saves space. Though this type does have cheaper price, you’ll experience noisy and relatively rough riding. Another major drawback of this type is that the pause point is usually unpredictable. The exit point can be changed depending on the load inside the elevator.

The benefits of this elevator include: environmentally friendly; can be used in modern home; no counterweight required; cheaper.

Counterweight: They are commonly known as electrical elevators. They are not considered safe because they do not use oil and are often subject to interruption. This type of elevator is not used in earthquake prone areas.

Fuji Elevator Manufacturer has rich product varieties. We can satisfy diverse requirements from various users. So you can choose elevators/escalators from us with confidence.

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

How to Use Car Elevator Correctly(Escalator Company Fuji Offers)

Escalator Company can provide car lifts. A car lift is one of the most important daily equipments for many car mechanics. They use this machine to change automobile tires and check for faults on vehicles that will enter the garage or workshop. So choosing the right car lifter and how to use it is something we have to understand. This article will give you a brief introduction on how to use it.

When using car lift, please make sure that the car’s engine is off, the gear stick set to neutral and that you have secured the doors of the car. Fortunately for the mechanic, all car lifts should have security measures in place to make sure that the lifts lock into place in a safe manner. When using these lifts, always make certain that there are no minor movements made by the car and always check the sturdiness of the safety blocks on the lift so that everything is securely put in place.

After all the security checks have been put in place, you will now be in a position to raise the car above your head using the lift. Do this in a slow manner and continue to check the stability of the car and the lift in question. Also, another point to remember is that you should always slow the raising of the car when it reaches the peak of the car lift. Once the car has risen to the very top, it is now time to secure everything by locking it all in place.

When you get round to changing the car tyres when using a lift, many mechanics get scared due to the notion that the car will fall on top of them when they are doing the change. If you follow all the procedures mentioned above and in the safety manual, you should have no problems when doing any repairs.

One of the more common mistakes that has proved fatal in the past is loading the lift incorrectly. This can really be a cause of a number of different things. Things such as the load being too heavy, the load being too large or even that the load weight is not distributed correctly Again, always check the manufacturers guidelines before using the lift and you should not have any of these problems. Another point to remember is to never raise the load above the manufactures recommended level.

Besides, once you purchased a car lift, you need to make sure you keep it in excellent operating condition. If you are using a hydraulic lift, you want to make sure that you regularly check the fluid levels. It’s especially important to periodically check the pistons and cylinders, as you want to make sure that the machinery is kept free from any kind of debris. Of course, it’s also important to lubricate all moving parts.

Well, another part of the lift that must be carefully maintained are the hydraulic hoses. It’s just a fact of life that hoses will split over time. Check often for breakdowns that could cause the lift to leak hydraulic fluids. If you do notice leaks, immediately lower the car lift (gently).

When it comes time to use the car lift, make sure that you are loading the lift according to the manufacturer recommendations. You want to be sure that you don’t overload the lift with a vehicle that is too heavy or too big. Always center the vehicle on the platform and make sure the emergency brake is set.

Strictly follow the specifications given by the Escalator Supplier to ensure safety

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Escalator Manufacturer Fuji Provides Reliable Escalators

As far as we know, FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. is a professional Escalator Supplier, Fujihd has rich product varieties, the products scope covers escalator, passenger elevator, observation elevator, goods elevator, freight elevator, hydraulic elevator etc.

To support continuous improvement in FUJIHD’s safety performance, a procedure is in place to report and investigate accidents. The underlying root causes are identified and corrective actions implemented to ensure that the accident or near-miss incident is not repeated. As a result, we have improved our safety performance steadily over the years.

Escalator are common sights in places like shopping malls, underground train stations and airports. Generally, the escalator is used as an alternative to the mundane staircases, elevators and moving sidewalks seen mainly in airports. Also, it boast a number of advantages over its counterparts.

The escalator’s primary attribute is its ability to move large numbers of people at once from one area to another, with some escalators, such as those in the London Underground, spanning particularly long distances. People can move both upward as well as downward when a pair of escalators are typically deployed next to each other. That is an advantage over an elevator, which can only go one way at a time with generally a much smaller capacity.

Besides, an escalator transports people automatically when switched on, with individuals simply standing still. As such, traveling on an escalator requires little physical exertion. People who experience pain or difficulty when walking are thus able to traverse longer distances with ease and in relative comfort. Escalators offer plenty of space, too, especially when compared to an elevator or narrow staircase where people may be squashed together.

You know, the purpose of an escalator is to transport people. It performs this task efficiently, allowing individuals to move between potentially many floors of a building in a relatively short amount of time, when compared to a staircase, for instance. Because escalators are generally quite long, they allow a large group of people to get on at once and reduce the need for waiting periods typical of elevators.

What’s more, escalators are effective when used as a means of guidance and circulation. In a complex transport situation, such as a city’s subway hub, people need to be kept on the go, particularly at busy times, to reduce congestion and avoid excess waiting. Escalators are efficient at keeping people moving from one point to another. When used as part of a museum or similar building, an escalator is able to direct visitors to exhibitions or exits simply by its appearance and the direction in which it’s traveling.

As part of its ability to reduce and control congestion, an escalator also offers an advantage to building managers in that its speed can be adjusted to reflect how quickly crowds need to be moved. Taking a busy situation for example, an escalator can be made to run slowly, so that passengers don’t arrive in the same area as an already substantial crowd. Escalators can as well as save energy during quiet periods, since they can be turned off, essentially becoming a staircase.

If you want to know more information about Escalator Company Fuji, please contact us.