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Elevator Manufacturers: Vacuum Elevator Advantages

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Vacuum elevators, called PVE or pneumatic vacuum elevators, are a new, revolutionary and revolutionary concept. Pneumatic vacuum elevators represent an advancement in residential elevator technology. So what is the principle of a vacuum elevator? what is the benefit? Elevator Manufacturers Fuji explained to you.

The vacuum hoist consists of a smooth vertical cylinder that moves up and down by suction. Due to modern technology, the cylinder provides a nearly 360 degree view; the structure is almost completely independent due to the absence of cables or counterweights. When the pressure drops above the cab, lift occurs and raises it to fill the gap. In order to descend, the control valve slowly releases the pressure and creates an air cushion under the cab. This creates an energy efficient elevator because almost only energy is needed to lift the cab instead of lowering it.

In the past decade, pneumatic vacuum elevators have undergone revolutionary testing and testing. The pedal level on each floor is the same as the existing floor. In this way, the volume of the right side of the existing, precisely symmetrical fa├žade building is obtained, thereby helping to make the overall composition and one of the same main tables more balanced.

Vacuum elevators do not require any extra space because they require very little space and are essentially self-sufficient, they are safe, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The vacuum lift can be installed in a few days. Maintenance needs are not high, vacuum elevators need to be maintained every five years. So this is a good home elevator solution.

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