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Elevator Manufacturers Fuji: Elevator Ride Safety Rules

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Elevators are common in modern life. It will appear in shopping centers, hospitals and even homes. Therefore, it is very important to use the elevator correctly, especially for the elderly. Elevator Manufacturers Fuji offers the following elevator ride recommendations.

For everyone, the following things should be done:

1. Stand up and leave the passengers. If the arriving elevator is full, please wait for the next car.

2. Don’t try to close anything, including hands, feet, crutches, etc. Wait for the next elevator.

3. If there is a fire or other condition that may cause a power outage, please take the stairs.

4. Be careful to get in and out when entering the elevator and leaving the elevator. Passengers near the door should go forward. Grab the child and the pet. Keep away from the door, keep the clothes and take them away from the opening.

5. Hold the armrest if possible.

For the elderly, we need special attention. The following applies to the elderly:

When taking the elevator

1. Always pay attention to your steps

2. Close the door separately

3. If the door does not open the ring button and wait

4. If the building is on fire, please use the stairs.

When taking the escalator

1.Grab the handrail

2. Hold the child or small parcel with one hand

3. Do not touch the side under the armrest.

4. Facing the front

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