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Elevator Manufacturers: How to Stop the Elevator

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When the elevator has a “crack” fault, the elevator will automatically stop working. This is an automatic protection elevator. If this happens, we won’t panic because the Elevator Manufacturers has designed a fall protection safety device for the elevator. Once the fall occurs, the fall protection device is firmly stuck on the groove track on both sides of the elevator, and the elevator will not fall. In this case, you should press the elevator call button to reach the property company for the first time. Remind, don’t try to open your own elevator from the inside. This is because the elevator sometimes has a circuit failure in the event of a failure. At this point, the elevator may be extremely active. In addition, when the elevator was trapped, it was trapped due to ignorance. In the floor position language, the elevator door is blindly grasped, and the elevator elevator shaft is in danger of falling.

In normal times, we should pay attention to the maintenance of elevators. The most important reason for regular elevator maintenance is the safety and happiness of all people who use elevators. It is best to avoid accidents or the possibility of getting stuck in the elevator. The elevator indicators that are usually checked:

Performance: When the equipment is new, is the current elevator operation compared to the performance specifications? Does the insurance inspector, maintenance contractor or government recommend any repairs or adjustments?

Security function: Is the emergency alarm and walkie-talkie or phone working properly? If there is an emergency lighting system, does it operate during a simulated outage?

Fixing device: Are the lobby and elevator call lights and floor lights working properly? Is the dome and ventilation system running?

Button: Check button, button switch, indicator light, indicator light and sound indicator.

Elevator control systems: acceleration and stopping capabilities, safety circuits, fire safety functions and testing of electronic equipment.

Check the mechanical condition of the elevator machine and adjust or replace gears, brakes, bearings or ropes as needed.

We need to keep the car clean and the window sill groove. For the elevator pit, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Spare parts are an integral part of the exercise when maintaining any equipment or machine. Therefore, the availability of the right spare parts is very important to get the job done.

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