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How Elevator Manufacturers Define Green Elevators

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Elevators can be dedicated to high traffic areas to better meet passenger needs. As skyscrapers continue to climb to dazzling heights, Elevator Manufacturers must develop new elevator technologies to transport passengers safely and quickly. The awareness of energy conservation in the real estate and construction industries remains high. Green buildings are designed to consume less energy, and this trend has been extended to elevators. How is the elevator classified as “green”?

The components of the green elevator:

Machine room(MRL) technology, which is installed directly on the elevator shaft. The MRL elevator uses a gearless traction design that, in some cases, can save up to 80% of energy compared to hydraulic elevators without the expense and environmental problems of oil-filled underground hydraulic cylinders.

The gearless traction design saves 80% of energy compared to hydraulic elevators.

Recovery and regeneration energy drive system.

Precise traffic control to reduce passengers (using more energy) to the elevator.

A computerized system that reduces the number of light load strokes.

Green elevators are not just stopped to reduce energy consumption, and some of them are able to give back most of the energy they consume. The regenerative drive system can recover the energy normally dissipated as heat and place it back into the building’s electrical system. This technology not only provides power for lighting and air conditioning, but also saves money by reducing the need for room cooling. Regenerative drives reduce peak power consumption and help improve the overall working floor of a building. Most major players offer this technology.

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