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Elevator Manufacturer Explains Different Elevators

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Elevators and escalators make life easier for many people. In multi-story buildings, they allow individuals to quickly travel between floors. These are used to transport people and goods from one floor to another. The elevator can also be seen on large ships with multiple decks. Elevator Manufacturer can usually offer many different types of elevators. Fuji Elevator lets you know the difference between different elevators.


The elevator is a vertical elevator driven by an electric motor. The basic principle of elevator operation is the synchronous movement of the traction cable and the corresponding counterweight system in the opposite direction. Therefore, when the traction cable moves upward, the weight of the crane or the like moves in the opposite direction. The entire system is typically powered by an electric motor or hydraulic fluid pump.

Lift type

Most people are often surprised to find that there are several types of elevators on the market. However, depending on the type of lifting mechanism used, elevators can be divided into five categories, which are usually used to meet the requirements of daily life. they are:

Passenger Elevator – Designed to transport passengers between building floors. Their capacity depends on the needs of the specific building, ranging from 5 to 25 people.

Fast elevators – they do not serve all floors but only serve selected parts of the building. Most notably, they moved passengers from the building lobby to the top/sky hall.

Urban traffic elevators – they move passengers between several heights of pharmacy, not inside the building, but in open urban spaces. For example from the bottom of the mountain to the top.

Freight elevator – used to indent goods. Their carrying capacity can range from 2,000 kg to 4,500 kg. Usually, their power source is an electric motor.

Residential elevators – used to transfer people to a house or multi-storey building.

The discovery of the elevator is very beneficial to humans because it allows passengers and cargo to move between different floors of the building without causing any physical stress. So far, it is still a very practical device.

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